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Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 5.00%
Additional terms Earn 5% back on sales you refer (using your affiliate links) in website credit for
Our Story & The Nerd Makeup Mission
We are the Nerd Makeup Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics! Banded together in geek solidarity back in 2011, Espionage Cosmetics was created after a professional makeup artist and an active duty Marine partnered to scheme ways to take our nerdy, geeky passions and combine them with our love of makeup. We didn't just think outside the box, we threw the box away and it’s working! With our ever-growing horde of loyal nerd misfits, real life nerd celebrity shout-outs, collaborations with amazing cosplayers and companies we are reaching new levels of awesome every day! We firmly believe in opening portals to all forms of creative outlets and that includes cosmetics! From beauty to cosplay makeup, our line was born to give you all the feels as the amazing, nerd-tastic, majestic being you are! 
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Affiliates, through Espionage Cosmetics', will receive commission payment once per month through Paypal*. Commission rate is currently set to starting 2.5% but is subject to change. Specific scheduling will be disclosed to the affiliate after registration. 

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